Apple’s Vision Pro to get Word, Excel and other Microsoft 365 apps at launch

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Apple's Vision Pro will get Microsoft 365 apps

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Apple Vision Pro owners who use Microsoft 365 will be able to immerse themselves in their favorite apps. A Wednesday blog postMicrosoft revealed that the suite’s Word, Excel and other apps will be available in the Vision Pro app store on Friday, the day Apple’s new headset officially goes on sale.

Beyond Word and Excel, the full lineup includes PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Loop, Microsoft Teams, and even Microsoft Copilot. This means that Vision Pro users can not only create content but participate in Microsoft Team meetings, collaborate with others in Microsoft Loop, and use AI-powered Copilot in augmented reality.

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Sounds cool. But will people simply want to whip on a headset to create a document, analyze a spreadsheet, or even join a virtual meeting? Perhaps anticipating these questions, Microsoft explained how one would take advantage of Vision Pro’s immersive, 3D environment to work with various apps.

Using Microsoft Word with Vision Pro allows you to focus on your document while blocking out any distractions. With Excel, you’ll be able to graph, analyze, and work with data in a more visual way without the limitations and restrictions of a two-dimensional, flat-screen environment. You’ll also be able to move your Excel data to other documents or team chats. And for PowerPoint, you can practice your presentation in a 3D view as if you were in front of a live audience.

According to Microsoft, using Microsoft Copilot with Vision Pro promises some benefits. You’ll be able to initiate your AI-powered requests and analyze the results using your voice The 3D environment will help you better visualize the resulting data. In addition, Copilot promises to help you draft and edit documents, presentations and other content using natural language.

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Vision Pro’s biggest benefits may lie in virtual meetings and online collaboration. Using Microsoft Teams, you will be able to call, chat and meet colleagues and other people in a wider environment. Video calls will use a personality feature to create a realistic image of your face while you’re wearing the headset. And with larger 3D space, you’ll be able to more easily juggle documents, files, and other items you need to see and use during a virtual meeting.

And there’s more for Microsoft 365 users wearing Vision Pro. The company is working on a version of Microsoft Mesh for Apple’s headset sometime this year. Designed for mixed reality situations, Mesh lets you see and interact with other people in 3D, just as if they were physically in the same room as you.

Already available for pre-order from January. 19, Apple’s Vision Pro will go on sale this Friday at Apple’s physical retail stores and online website in the US. The headset will start at $3,499 for the base model with 256GB of storage, $3,699 for the one with 512GB and $3,899 for the 1TB option.

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