Apple’s mysterious ‘HomeOS’ tvOS has resurfaced in developer beta

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Holding a HomePod Mini

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Apple’s smart speakers have always been stronger in speaker components than smart components — at least compared to competitors. But rumors that Apple is revamping its smart home strategy are back, now with reference to HomeOS Available in developer beta Version of TVOS 17.4.

We first saw the term homeOS, which is not currently one of Apple’s operating systems, in 2021, when it was mentioned alongside iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. Job postings. Naturally, Apple removed homeOS from the jobs list as soon as the news broke.

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The exact purpose of HomeOS is still unclear, but the consensus is that it should refer to the new effort to reinvent the Apple smart home experience. We’re not sure if HomeOS is a way to rebrand the HomePod’s operating system, which currently runs a simpler version of tvOS, or is linked to Apple’s HomeKit.

Reports suggest that Apple may expand its line of smart home products beyond the existing ones HomePod And HomePod Mini. the rumor Starting in 2021 and resurfacing By late 2023 We suggest that Apple is working on an entirely new device that combines the HomePod and a touch display, ie Echo Show 10.

Those rumors aren’t unfounded: evidence of tvOS 17 being tested on an iPad mini as part of a screen-equipped HomePod project was found and reported last year. 9 to 5 Mac.

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If Apple is working on such a device with a HomeOS implementation, we’d expect the announcement during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which usually takes place in June. I can tell you this — if the company is working on a device like the Echo Show, I expect it to improve on Siri as well.

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