AI-powered radiation therapy revolutionizes cancer treatment at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

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Patients undergoing radiation therapy for certain types of cancer at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital are the first in the country to have access to a state-of-the-art treatment system that increases accuracy and precision, increases patient comfort and minimizes side effects.

This month, Henry Ford began offering treatments with the Varian Ethos™ system equipped with HyperSight, which uses artificial intelligence and the fastest on-table imaging in the field to increase precision and effectively treat tumors.

“This is not just a step, but a giant leap in cancer treatment,” said Ben Movsas, chair and medical director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Henry Ford Cancer Center. Treatments can be adjusted and tailored in real-time.”

In traditional radiotherapy, a plan is established at the start of treatment and followed through the course of treatment. Adaptive radiotherapy allows for real-time changes in planning based on periodic assessments while the patient is on the table.

The human anatomy changes rapidly through normal bodily processes such as bladder filling or bowel movements during digestion. In the context of radiation therapy, even slight changes or changes in the body during Treatment can significantly affect performance.

This advancement will allow us to provide personalized treatment, enabling our radiation oncologists to make the necessary treatment decisions more quickly and accurately. “This will provide a clinically meaningful benefit to many of our patients who require radiotherapy for extensive cancers.”

Ken Levine, MD, director of radiation at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

By rapidly capturing and analyzing images in real time using the power of artificial intelligence, the Varian Ethos system with HyperSight quickly detects changes in patient anatomy and tumor size, shape or location. Using real-time imaging data, the system automatically adjusts the treatment plan for these changes, which is key to achieving better patient outcomes.

Henry Ford Director of Cancer Stereotactic Radiation M. “The integration of artificial intelligence into our treatment processes exemplifies our dedication to innovation for the benefit of our patients,” said Salim Siddiqui, MD, PhD. “With this advanced technology, our patients can expect shorter treatment times and potentially fewer sessions, significantly enhancing their overall experience.”

The Ethos system with HyperSite also uses artificial intelligence when distributing the radiation dose, which ensures that the tumor receives the optimal amount of radiation, as well as streamlines the workflow, making the entire process of adaptive radiotherapy more efficient.

“This new radiotherapy treatment option reinforces our dedication to providing the most advanced treatment options available anywhere,” said Aaron Feldman, MD, radiation oncologist at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. Improves available treatment options As a leader in cancer treatment and care, we strive to be at the forefront of medicine for our patients.”

New HyperSight technology enables real-time imaging on the radiation table to be completed in seconds instead of minutes, a game-changing benefit for both target accuracy and patient comfort.

“One of the exciting aspects of this technology is its ability to positively impact the patient experience,” said Meera Shah, MD, a radiation oncologist at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. “By optimizing treatment and streamlining workflow, we believe we can reduce the side effects that patients sometimes experience due to radiation therapy. I feel I can reduce it further.”

The addition of this revolutionary treatment option is based on Michigan’s first Halcyon-Ethos radiation unit, which arrived at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital in 2020. With this latest advancement at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, Henry Ford continues to solidify its position at the forefront. Underscoring cancer care in Michigan and beyond of Commitment to improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

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