Add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your car with this $96 touchscreen display

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Modernize your ride with this touchscreen car display for $96.


Cars have advanced technologically in the last few years. This is most evident in the on-dash display that most new models feature. But if your car is a bit older, you may not have access to that feature.

There’s no need to miss out if you have this 6.8-inch foldable touchscreen car display. With the ability to screencast from your phone Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, you can wirelessly access the mobile app to enhance any road trip or commute. And for a limited time, you can get it for just $96.

Connect to your navigation app like Google Maps or Waze for a big-picture view of your route on your dash. Even send messages or make calls through this foldable hub. And since you have access to voice commands at the touch of a button, this display makes yourself easier and safer on the road Use Siri or Google Assistant on your phone to play music, listen to audiobooks, or make calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

And if you’re worried about a complicated install, don’t be. Designed to make it easy to install, there are two different mounting brackets to choose from, one for the dashboard and the other for the windshield. And you can connect in a variety of ways via a built-in FM transmitter, Bluetooth or the AUX jack.

With its sleek, foldable design, smart integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and user-friendly features, this device isn’t just a car accessory — it’s a driving companion that helps you stay connected wherever you go.

This is the pick up 6.8-inch foldable touchscreen car display For only $96.

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