A collaborative quest for creativity at the 14th “Behind and Beyond the Brain” Symposium

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Registrations are now open for the 14th “Behind and Beyond the Brain” Symposium promoted by the BIAL Foundation, which will debate the theme “Creativity” from April 3 to 6 at the Casa do Medico in Porto.

Creativity – our ability to imagine and bring something new into being – is perhaps the most remarkable feature of human cognition. It is at the root of scientific invention and drives industry in all its forms; This is what explains progress, revolutions, crises and their solutions. But how does it work? What do we know about what creativity is, who has it, and what we can do to enhance it?

Through its 14th symposium, the BIAL Foundation will attempt to address such questions by bringing together eminent neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers and artists and engaging them in an in-depth interdisciplinary dialogue over the course of a rich three-day program.

Axel Cleeremans (Brussels, BE), psychologist and chairman of the symposium’s organizing committee, hopes that the 14th symposium will be “Engage speakers and listeners in a deep, interdisciplinary reflection on what is perhaps the most defining characteristic of the human mind: the amazing ability to creatively imagine novel solutions to problems, envision possible worlds and futures, share beauty, and transcend itself.

The 14th Symposium is held exclusively in person. Program and more information available here. Registration is now open and can be done here.

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