6 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Work

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Although Cupid’s arrow should not be aimed anywhere near the workplace, there is a fun and appropriate way to celebrate this holiday of love. Here are some great ideas to spread love, cheer, and maybe some dessert around the office this Valentine’s Day.

Some consider this holiday cringe-worthy, but there are many positive ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that not only inspire your partners, but also do good in the community. Don’t miss this opportunity! Show your colleagues how much you appreciate themand to boost workplace morale, boost positivity and create a caring office environment.

Bring the food, they will come


Food is the fastest way to anyone’s heart, and there’s no better way to become an office hero than to bring delicious food. Why not share the love by bringing a special brunch or planning a delicious dessert social?

Look for heart-shaped cookies or pastries. Think pink and sprinkle in some candy hearts. Keep it healthy and bring in a fruity bouquet.

Gathering everyone in the break room will provide an opportunity to share a moment together, take a break from work, and enjoy delicious food. It’s a delicious way to promote appreciation and boost morale in the workplace.

Spread the Love!


This holiday is a great opportunity to lead by example and do something really positive. One way is to fundraise for an office charity. There are so many wonderful organizations that accept office donations. Pick your top picks and let your partners think about where the funds should go.

Go one step further and Organize a volunteer day. Gather a group of co-workers and volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen. Plant flowers and clean up the local garden. It will not only encourage teamwork but also have a positive impact on the local community.

Appreciation Valentines


The act of gratitude in the workplace has many positive aspects. From higher levels of job satisfaction and less stress to fewer sick days, a simple act of gratitude can do wonders.

Create an office bulletin board of positive messages. Allow employees to write secret messages of appreciation and display them in a highly visible location, such as in the kitchen or lobby. Giving people a chance to show their appreciation improves employee engagement and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Random acts of kindness


During the month of February, we recognize National Random Acts of Kindness Day. What better way to celebrate than with random acts of kindness at the office. It has been scientifically proven that kindness has a positive effect on our health. It can lower blood pressure, lower levels of physical painand reduce stress and depression.

Inspire your colleagues by organizing daily kindness challenges. Have a sign-up sheet for employees to commit to daily acts of kindness in the office. You’ll soon find that kindness is contagious and creates a stellar office culture.

Thank you notes


Many people only think about thank you notes after an interview or receiving a gift, but a thank you letter is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. Research shows that the recipient of the thank you note is happier and more engaged.

Use this holiday as an opportunity to spread thank-you notes around the office and encourage your coworkers to do the same.

With our constant communication through email and social media, the power of the written word is a lost art form. Taking the time to put down a few personal thoughts of gratitude is an effective way to show your appreciation and spread happiness and joy.

A healthy heart


February is American Heart Month. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to host a heart-healthy event. Invest in healthy foods and share informative heart health tips. Perhaps even invite an expert from the American Heart Association to lead a heart health discussion.

Do you work in a competitive office? You can organize an office activity that gets the blood pumping, such as a softball or kickball game. This is a great opportunity to focus on health and wellness in the workplace and establish habits in the office that promote good heart health.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work. you just have to be creative. Have fun at the office this February by trying the ideas above.

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