35% of college students are using AI tools to help them study

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected students, forcing them to adopt new learning methods in the face of constant disruption. This led to epidemic learning losses. To fill the gap, students are turning to new tools, including generative AI.

A McGraw Hill Survey 500 graduate students and 200 college instructors conducted by Morning Consult to learn about the latest higher education trends on student habits, mental health and more.

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The survey found that one in five students reported struggling academically because of pandemic-related learning losses, and 34% of educators estimated that all or most of their students struggled because of learning losses.

To facilitate their studies, adjust learning losses and bridge the gap, the study shows that many students are turning to online tools and social media.

“Despite the many challenges students and educators face, including COVID-related learning disruptions and the growing mental health crisis on college campuses, the learning technologies we’re developing today can help support students on unique paths to success in the future,” he said. Simon Allen, McGraw Hill CEO.

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Four out of five students reported using social media or ChatGPT to study and find content related to their classes.

Specifically, 35% of students reported using ChatGPT or other AI chatbots in the past year to help with schoolwork.

Despite the risks of using generative AI, such as fraud, misinformation and imprecision, overall sentiment towards AI remains positive.

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Most students (62%) and instructors (58%) agree that in the long term, AI will improve the way students learn more than AI will have negative consequences.

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Furthermore, AI tools using content created and verified by trusted academic sources will make both students (39%) and instructors (46%) more confident and comfortable using those tools.

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