Innovative modeling framework to reconstruct data on fertility and education

IIASA researchers have introduced an innovative method for reconstructing data on fertility and education, particularly in developing countries with inconsistent or unreliable data sets. Decision makers need consistent and reliable data to assess the impact of female education on fertility, especially during periods of educational expansion and fertility transitions (in other words, declining fertility from […]

The Meta-IBM alliance promotes an ‘open’ approach to AI development

NorPhoto/Getty Images Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that has grown the most this year, but a certain famous arachnid knows, With great power comes great responsibility. As AI grows, various sectors, organizations and companies are calling for stronger regulations and transparency regarding the development and use of AI. Meta and IBM Now this […]

Study uses game theory to show low tumor heterogeneity leads to higher aggression

A study from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) using game theory established that tumors with less cellular differentiation are more aggressive. Mathematics, histopathology, and genomics combine to confirm that the most aggressive clear cell renal cell carcinomas exhibit low levels of intratumor differentiation, meaning they contain fewer distinct cell types. The study, led […]

Study exploits biomolecular condensates to inhibit androgen receptor in prostate cancer

Transcription factors play an important role in converting genetic information encoded in genes into proteins in all cells and organisms. These regulatory proteins bind DNA, turn genes on or off, and control the rate at which DNA is transcribed into mRNA, which is required for protein synthesis. Because of their central role in transcriptional regulation, […]

Best Bone Conduction Headphones of 2023: Expertly Tested and Reviewed

Shokz OpenRun Pro Technology Features: Type: Open ears Wired/Wireless: wireless | Waterproof Rating: IP55 | Weight: 1.02 oz Battery Life: 10 hours Dimensions: 6.61 x 5.35 x 2.64 inches Unlike previous iterations of bone conduction headphones, the Showcase OpenRun Pro eschews the in-ear bud design without compromising audio quality and clarity. Thanks to Shokz TurboPitch […]

Study may shed light on new ways to counteract the effects of high blood pressure on cognition

A study supported by the National Institutes of Health suggests that the response of immune system cells inside the protective covering surrounding the brain may contribute to the cognitive decline that can occur in people with chronic high blood pressure. This search, published Nature is neuroscience, may shed light on new ways to address the […]

20% of “living” patients in California are actually dead, wasting healthcare resources

About 20% of patients whose medical records showed they were alive with a serious illness actually died, according to California data, resulting in hundreds of unnecessary interactions such as appointment reminders, prescription refills and other types of unnecessary outreach that strain resources and healthcare. workers time. The data gap is due to a California law […]