Why Microsoft Temporarily Blocked ChatGPT from Employees on Thursday

Sopa Images/Contributors/Getty Images Microsoft, one of OpenAI’s largest investors, restricted ChatGPT access for its employees on Thursday, citing “security and data concerns.” According to CNBCMicrosoft employees were barred from accessing ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, in which Microsoft has invested $13 billion. CNBC The report said an internal website told employees, “Due […]

Debate intensifies over vegan diets for children, pediatric associations weigh in

In a recently published study, Dr nutrientsThe researchers examined the available evidence on pediatric and adolescent vegan (VN) diets, specifically citing position statement articles from various professional and scientific organizations, including pediatric organizations. Study: Vegan diets for children: a descriptive review of position papers published by relevant associations. Image credit: RONEDYA/Shutterstock.com Background Specialized organizations believe […]

CDC publishes updated and expanded recommendations for clinicians providing pain care

Pain affects the lives of millions of Americans every day, and improving pain care and the lives of patients with pain is a public health imperative. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is publishing updated and expanded recommendations for clinicians providing pain care to adults with short-term and long-term pain. These clinical recommendations, […]