How do sex hormones and birth control affect brain fear circuits?

A new report has been published Frontiers in Endocrinology Explores how oral contraceptive pill (OCP) use interacts with current hormonal status to influence the formation of fear circuits in the brain. Study: Morphological changes in fear circuitry: role of sex hormones and oral contraceptives. Image credit: KaryB/ Fear and female sex hormones Although fear is […]

Scientists discover kidney-friendly antifungal that evades resistance

Polyenes are among the most widely used broad-spectrum antifungals but have significant associated renal toxicity. Attempts to develop new drugs of the same class without these adverse effects resulted in nothing, mostly due to the assumption that their antifungal activity was based on membrane permeation. Study: Tuning sterol extraction kinetics produces a renal-sparing polyene antifungal. […]

Researchers identify predictive brain imaging-based biomarkers of mental illness in adolescents

Research and treatment of psychiatric disorders is hampered by a lack of biomarkers—objective biological or physiological markers that can help diagnose, track, predict, and treat disease. In a new study, researchers used a very large dataset to identify brain imaging-based biomarkers predictive of adolescent mental illness. The work is displayed Biological PsychiatryPublished by Elsevier. Traditionally, […]