Analysis finds implicit bias of healthcare professionals towards transgender people

Analyzed data from the Harvard Implicit Association Test-; A widely accepted measure of a person’s attitudes toward people based on characteristics such as race, gender, and sexuality–researchers found that health care professionals, and nurses in particular, were more biased against transgender people. than those who are not healthcare professionals. A questionnaire administered before and after […]

Teleworking during the pandemic linked to higher parenting stress, especially for fathers

Northwestern University and Ann and Robert H. of Chicago. A new study by scientists at Lurie Children’s Hospital reports that forty percent of parents who worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic reported higher levels of parental stress, compared to only 27 percent of parents who worked onsite. The study’s results revealed a gender difference: Fathers […]

AI predicts glaucoma progression in high-risk patients with high accuracy

AI (artificial intelligence) that is trained to recognize red flags in retinal images and clinical data can predict if and when people at high risk of glaucoma, commonly referred to as ‘glaucoma suspects’, may actually develop it, according to research published online. goes into British Journal of Ophthalmology. Subject to further refinement with larger numbers […]

Zoonotic spillover epidemics increasing at exponential rate, study finds

All four animal-to-human (zoonotic) infections are increasing at an “exponential rate” in a general pattern of increasingly larger and more frequent ‘spillover’ epidemics, according to an analysis of 60 years of published historical epidemiological data. Open Access Journal BMJ Global Health. Based on current trends, these 4 types of viral pathogens will collectively kill 12 […]

Racial and socioeconomic integration linked to lower health care expenditure disparities

According to a study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, health care spending differences between black and white adults vary significantly with local levels of racial and economic integration and tend to be low or nonexistent in highly integrated communities. . For their study, the researchers compared health care […]