Neural patterns unravel distinctions between traumatic and sad memories in individuals with PTSD

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experience traumatic memories differently than other types of negative memories. recent Nature is neuroscience The study investigated the neural patterns of patients with PTSD while listening to narratives depicting their own memories. Study: Neural patterns distinguish traumatic from traumatic autobiographical memories in PTSD. Image credit: Cat Box/ Background Although […]

Study reveals physical topography of feeling

In a recent study published in the journal Dr PNAS, The researchers conducted a series of experiments involving directed stimulation and a novel topographical self-reported computer-based method called “reporting” to investigate the relationships between emotion and body topography. They linked these emotions to cohorts of different geographic and ethnic backgrounds and revealed that subjective emotional […]

I’ve checked out the best Mint alternatives and it’s my new favorite budgeting app

Richard Dury/Getty Images ZDNET’s key takeaways I checked out Monarch money, NerdWallet, Rocket Money, Quick simplificationAnd YNABAnd Monarch Money, at $99 a year, is my top pick. Benefits: Easy to set up, and powerful tools for analyzing your finances and creating a budget. Disadvantages: The most expensive personal finance program. I hadn’t planned to spend […]

Study highlights harmful impact of social media on adolescent health

Social media use is linked to risky health behaviors among young people, including alcohol, drug and tobacco use, antisocial behaviour, risky sexual behavior and gambling, The BMJ reviews the latest evidence published today. Exposure to risky health behavior content on social media such as alcohol advertising was the strongest evidence of harm, particularly in relation […]

I recommend this 12-in-1 electric screwdriver, and you can get one for under $50

HOTO electric screwdriver. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNet What was the deal? The HOTO electric screwdriver One of my favorite gadgets, and it’s 25% off right now, plus Amazon is offering an additional 20% off coupon, bringing the price down to $48. Why this deal is ZDNET-recommended Late last year, during the holidays, I featured an electric screwdriver […]